After quietly releasing their debut album in 2017, Shimmertraps spent the next two years pouring their time and creative energy into what they consider to be, “our most collaborative album yet.” With the addition of 2 new members to the project, “LOOK!“ (2020) became an exciting change of pace for the band. Together, they wrote, recorded, mixed and produced the entire album in their outskirt Bellingham living room. Evolving from their dreamy soundscapes and fuzzy lofi production, Shimmertraps boldly introduces their punchy, disco-focused rhythms paired with a plethora of wide and luscious sounding synths across the sonic journey of “LOOK!”. The band has proven to blend a variety of different genres and sounds into a captivating concoction, further defining the sound of Shimmertraps. 
"To call Shimmertraps a band would be an understatement. Their music, stunningly colorful, mind-numbingly textured, and blissfully unpredictable, feels more akin to a performance art piece, a full-body deep-dive into an otherworldly atmosphere. While their 2017 debut album Ozius proved their initial skill in fuzzy, introspective lo-fi with hazy, intimate vocals to match, LOOK!, the Washington-based group’s sophomore album, instead shows a distinct and brilliant evolution for the group, every moment bursting with disco-inspired, glitchy multi-dimensional synth pop, radiating with equal parts intrigue and whimsy." -Paria Rahmani, kid with a vinyl
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